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Golf Swing Drills

Drills are essential to help the body learn a new motion. Practicing the correct drill for your specific area of improvement will help ingrain the correct movement during your swing. Performing the drill correctly and repetitively is the key to learning the new motion.

Michelle Dube now has Golf Swing Drills available online!

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Here's what they're saying....
"Michelle Dube' Golf Swing Drills are a must for any golfer who is serious about taking their game to the next level. The principles taught and the drills demonstrated are in layman's terms. Within minutes you can start moving towards becoming the more complete golfer you have always dreamed about.

Can't get to the golf course every day to practice? No problem! These drills can be put to use at home, in the office, or while traveling on the road. Even on those days when you are on the course, your golf game tends to "go south" and a golf instructor is nowhere to be found, again, no problem. Your mind will quickly go back to the specific drills Michelle led you through online which will enable you to get back on track and enable you to shoot, with confidence, those lower scores that others only sit around and talk about. Whatever you do, be sure and add Michelle Dube's Golf Swing Drills to your library today!"

Mark Howard
Golf Student,Tennessee
"Michelle Dube's golf swing drills are very well done. The drills bridged the gap between UNDERSTANDING how it works and FEELING it. By combining the "Width of Arc" drill with the "Mop" drill I am making better contact, creating more club head speed, and hitting the ball longer with both my irons and metal woods. Bravo!! And many thanks!!"
Tom Dimas
Commercial Realtor
Please review swing problems below, and each drill that will help correct that problem.




Blistered hands- Glove worn out quickly- Hands hurt- Topped shots-Wrists won't hinge- Slice or Hook. Improper hand placement,tension Grip
Trouble aiming- Push or Pull- Bad balance- Can't rotate freely.  Improper Posture Setup/Alignment
Hit pop fly's- Deep divots- Scrape marks on the top of driver. Steep angle of attack Driver Setup
Hit hooks or slices- Loose distance. Clubface not square Toe Up
Lack distance- Hit hooks or slices- Use hands too much on the takeaway- Don't turn properly. Disconnected takeaway Triangle
Lack distance- Sway- Hit fat or thin shots Swing Center moving Right Hip,Pivot, Backswing
Fall backward after swing- Can't hold finish position- Don't turn hips thru Poor Balance One-Leg
Loose distance- Hit 3,4,5 irons the same distance- Hit pop fly's with driver- Slice Incorrect downswing path Mop
Take deep divots- Hit it fat or thin- Top the ball- Whiff- High shots. Swing Center Spine Angle
Fat or thin shots, Lack distance, Hit it left or right- Hit it very low- Hit it high with no distance. Improper hand placement at impact Impact
Lack distance- 3,4,5,6 irons go the same distance. Poor extension, swing arc Width of Arc

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