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EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape

Impact tape is the #1 Training Aid Used in Golf Today!
EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape - by LPGA Master Teaching Professional Michelle Dube.
  • The large green arrow on the EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape makes it simple to aim your clubface.
  • Misalignment of the club face by just 1 degree to the right or left of your target will cause you to miss the target by approx. 7 yards (200 yard shot).
  • The small circle inside a larger circle on the EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape makes it easy to understand how using the loft of the club gets the ball in the air.
  • Makes learning how to hit the sweetspot of the club face EASY and FUN!
  • How to use EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape

  • Place the bottom edge of the self-adhesive label on the bottom groove of your iron (For Driver- place top edge of label at top of driver).
  • Make a swing hitting a ball, see the exact point of contact your club head made with the ball.
  • Use each label for multiple hits.
  • Works for both right and left handed clubs.
  • Learn the SOLUTION for the hits on the toe, heel, low, or too high on the club face.
  • You will gain more DISTANCE by practicing with EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape. See Before and After photo below. Gain 10-20 yards by hitting the sweetspot on the clubface.

Before- Impacts are on toe, After- Contact more centered

These EZ Line® printed paper labels are attached to the golf club face. An impression is left on the label after hitting a golf ball to show you exact spot of contact. A sheet contains 5 impact labels, there are 6 sheets in a package.
Order a package of EZ Line® Golf Impact Tape Today!
EZ Line™ Impact Tape      
Package of 30 EZ Line® Impact Labels - $10.00. Click photo to place an order.
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