Did you know that not all golf instructors are certified teaching professionals? Well, they're not; and taking a lesson from a certified pro makes a big difference!

Here's just a few reasons why:

Golf instructors who are certified must pass a variety of tests which include Playing Ability, Written Tests, and Practical Teaching Evaluations.

  1. Once passing your playing ability test and a written test you are an apprentice for two years.
  2. After your first two years as an apprentice you must pass another written and practical teaching evaluation with even higher scores to obtain your Class B status.
  3. After two years as a Class B member, you must pass another written and practical teaching test, scoring higher than previous testing to reach Class A status.
  4. There are high standards for passing each of these tests - only the best survive! And to maintain Class A status, the teaching professional must continue their education through regular seminars and workshops. So you can be assured that your certified instructor is up on the latest teaching and golf related skills.


Your LPGA certified teaching professional will be knowledgable about:


What to expect during your lesson with a Class A pro:

Your LPGA Class A teaching professional interviews the student discovering: goals for lesson, physical limitations, previous golf history, and sports experience. After observing the students swing from various angles your professional clarifies student goals in relation to playable ball flight, suggests changes (cause/effect) to integrate with student goals and feedback. Your professional will relate swing theory to students understanding. A practice plan will be linked to goals and lesson priorities.


"The good teacher has a method; the great teacher has many. The good teacher prescribes; the great teacher diagnoses, evaluates the pupil, then prescribes. Recognizing individual differences in students makes teaching an art..." - Dr. Gary Wiren -

Remember not all golf instructors pass the stringent tests of certified teaching professionals. Make sure you're getting top-notch, quality golf lessons from a certified LPGA or PGA teaching pro.